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Customer Testimonials



           Dear Ken,

Thank you for your help with my laptop! You and your team never fail to deliver top notch service and expertise. You have no idea how much that means to our business!


Colette - Olsen Investments



Thank you very much for troubleshooting the problems on both systems, today. I very much appreciate your interest, prompt response, calm manner and diligent efforts to restore both computers. I feel much better about these computers now - better than I have for a long time.

Thanks,  J. D.

Crisis Management Consulting

Comment: I have known Ken at Mobile PC Upgrades now for probably 6 years.. I was the type of person who would have never considered calling a mobile service prior to meeting him due to bad experiences I had been through with other outfits I had used in the Everett area. I have.. Since meeting Ken, not used any other service for my pc needs in 6 years, and have recommended him highly to everyone I have met. And have never heard anything bad from any of the people I have sent his way. I now opt for using Mobile PC instead of taking my machine in to the shop I purchased it from, even though it is under warrantee! Headaches and long waits without a computer are worth any free parts or service they might offer.

With Mobile Pc.. I am always guaranteed satisfaction. (Something you can't get by having someone else working on it, bringing it home, plugging it in and being hit with some other conflicting error.) He has very reasonable rates, always dependable, and truly someone who hasn't gone corporate in the head.

He always takes the time to familiarize me with operation of whatever he installs.. (Even did some major work for me on my desktop while I was in Atlanta for work. He took the time to show my wife how to operate the new hardware he had installed. 

In my opinion there is no other service I would even consider or recommend after dealing with him.

Please feel free to contact me at bc631@scn.org if you have any questions.

C.D. Ott, Jr.

C. Y,   Federal Way, Washington

I was leery when I went looking for a new company to service my computers.  I had a bad experience with my last company in that they seemed to know only a little more about computers than I did! Eventually they disappeared from existence (with some of my money) and this was a large respected ( I thought) company.

I was first attracted to Mobile PC Upgrades because of their A-1 rating at the Better Business Bureau - a bit of a rarity it seems in the industry. After a few short minutes with the mobile PC technician I could see they were miles ahead of my previous repair company. They were able to "teach me" how to avoid some of the problems I had run into in the past and really seemed eager to help me - not just to cash my check.


Consolidated Delivery and Logistics


I was looking for some help with my computer and didn't know where to turn, coming home from work one day there was a van in front of me. It had written on the van "Mobile PC Upgrades" home or office, the van turned left and I was going to go straight; instead I chased the van down until I had copied the phone number. The rest is history, I have been calling on Ken and his crew since November of 2000. He is someone I can trust to fix the problem correctly, they are reliable and help talk you through the problems. They are honest and you know they have your best interest at heart. Many thanks go to Ken and his staff.

G. Hoge - Shelton, WA.




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