Mission statement:


Since it's inception in 1996, Mobile PC Upgrades, has strived to provide THE BEST computer service in western Washington.  

We recognize the difficulty and inconvenience of disconnecting and transporting your computer to a service center. We also recognize that ONSITE repairs have a much higher success rate (the 1st time) because we get to examine "the whole computer system" as it is set up at your location.  Often, when "you take the box in to the shop for repair" they fail to rectify your problem because they have only one piece of the puzzle. 

(it works fine in the shop, but what about when your scanner is plugged in?)


I know that computer techs tend to be "numbers people" as opposed to "people people" 

I am a "people person" and I make every effort to hire people that excel in "people skills"


We know that every computer user has a different level of expertise. 

 Whatever your level is, I promise:

We will not talk down to you!

We will not make you feel foolish!

We will not give you the "techno babble" treatment!

We use ONLY quality components! Unlike the "big guys" we are much more concerned with the quality of the parts than saving ourselves $3.00.  We will not sell you garbage because you don't know the difference - In fact we consider it our obligation to steer you clear of it.

Ken Lanser, Owner Mobile PC Upgrades